Our Mission


At Baysinger, we are driven to create a service-oriented firm that is reliable, productive, affordable, diligent, focused and sincere. We aim to serve our clients through exceptional problem solving skills and capabilities, meeting their bottom line business needs and building strong partnerships in the process.


We provide exceptional problem solving skills

We use all of our creative energy to find the right solution for your design and building challenges.


We meet your bottom-line business needs

We understand the financial realities of your business and that our solutions must be based on economics as much as design and building recommendations.


We build strong partnerships

We work closely with you throughout the many project phases and always look to what is in your best interest; your business success means as much to us as each building we design. Strong relationships are proven to provide long term success.

Working With Us

At Baysinger Partners we believe that the client partnership is paramount in everything that we do and that in order to attain that partnership, we must understand every aspect of our client’s vision. From understanding goals to conceptualization our time-tested process is designed to discover and enhance so that each project exceeds client expectations.


At Baysinger, we’re proud to host a diverse array of some of the greatest architectural talent in the Pacific Northwest. We can be described as; adventurous, ambitious, conscientious, creative, diverse, empathetic, enthusiastic, friendly, jovial, hardworking, knowledgeable, optimistic, passionate, practical, rational, resourceful, straightforward, understanding. willing.

Jerry Baysinger, AIA


William M. Ruecker, AIA

Senior Principal

Matthew A. Lillard, AIA


Ferdinand U. Guce

Associate, Senior Designer

Melinda Vermeer

Project Manager

Courtney Margicin

Project Manager

Patricia Roberts

Office Manager

Jennifer Rinkus

Planner, LEED Green Associate

Michael Batryn

Architectural Staff

Justin Nguyen

Architectural Designer

Jeremiah Long

Architectural Designer

Jordan Phillips

Architectural Designer


It is our belief that architecture can help change lives and that architects have a social responsibility to their community. We are proud to support these deserving   organizations who have dedicated their time and efforts to serving their communities and innovating the industry.

Community Service Partners

Civic Groups & Industry Organizations

We recognize that everything is of an era, but with simple, lasting, well-crafted structures designs can transcend into timelessness.

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